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Recent Comments
Anchit Khanna
Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh

Fantastic, beautiful, breathtaking and indeed inspiring and amazing(especially without using photoshop). All the best to you.

Kevin Duffy
Bacup - United Kingdom

Fantastic, it's great to see a top photoghrapher using film and getting images of the quality shown. Even though I'm 12000 miles from you, you are inspiring.

Dimitri Figueroa
Gilberts - Illinois

I think you are an artist your work is top of the line, the quality of your work is beyond. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Zuvela
Brisbane - Qld

Magnificent site Destin, absolutely beautiful photos and I love the story of how you got started in photography. Keep on capturing the beauty of nature and share it with the world. Regards Zuvi

Alison Butcher
Robina - Qld

Hi Destin, Love your site! regards, Alison

Brendan Howard
Brisbane - QLD

Breathtaking. Just as Mother nature intended.

Lisa Evans
Tynong North - Vic

Hi Destin, Wow....!!! I Absolutely love your stuff... !! :) My Dad would be blown away by it... ( and he was a good photographer / artist as well ) The last time I saw you... you had your hair over your eyes.. and you hardly ever looked up.. (: .. that was when you were a teenager and visited us in Cheltenham.. But you are now !! :) On behalf of the rest of us in the Image Appreciation Guild, we THANK YOU .. :) Lov Your Cousin Lisa Lu Xo P.s next time you have an exhibition down here.. can you please give me some notice... I would love to go and see... Cheers

Claes Rudbeck
Alhambra - California

May the third always be with you

todd eukel
eastlake - ohio

Hi - I like your work. Clean lines, warm colors, tranquil feelings. Good stuff.

Mark Gutterson
Taree - NSW


Millie Campbell
Poplar Bluff - Missouri

I often find myself on the computer looking at others photography works of art for inspiration. I found your site through links off Light Stalking. I must say, I hope I can be half as good as your works! You have absolutely beautiful works here. I'm in final stages of classes to receive my BA in Photography and would like to be a freelance photographer. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art here for all to enjoy, I look forward to seeing more in the future.

David Ward
Reston - VA

Your photographs are equisite.

James Lewis
Mesa - AZ

Found you through LightStalking. Very nice work. Made me smile.

Deb Nyman
Harleysville - Pennsylvania

Your work is exquisite! I love all of your images! I've bookmarked your site and will be checking your work regularly!

Lauren Dawson
Melbourne - Victoria

My passion is landscape photography and your work is very inspiring! I love the way the website is designed. Cheers Lauren

Chelsea Blachut
Mount Gambier - SA

Destin your work is amazing I love looking at the photographs you take. You've captured some beautiful scenery, it's all very peaceful. Would love to one day be able to take photos this magnificent keep up the good work! :) xo

Peter Lewis
Toronto - Ontario

Your pictures are great, it gives me something to aspire to

Greg Moffatt
Milton Keynes - UK

I love panoramic pictures, these make me want to get out there more to generate my own. Thanks for the chance to see them.

Lauren Dawson
Heathmont - Victoria

Working extremely hard to be able to come even close to the beautiful photos you take. Thankyou for sharing :)

Barbara Smith
Duncan - British Columbia

HI there!! So thrilled that i found you here to share my love and passion for photography...and learn a lot more!! Thanks so are so very inspirational to me!!

Sherry Hudson
Presque Isle - ME

I just stumbled upon your photography and am in awe especially when I saw my beautiful Brisbane. I dont live there....yet. My husband lives in Brisbane and hopefully soon I will live there too. My dream is to travel and photograph Australia. What an amazing place it is. Your work is an inspiration.

David Winger
Denver - Colorado

I see by your article in Light Stalking that you no longer stitch pictures together. What do you do - take a full frame photo and then crop it? Your photographs are breathtaking.

Michael Krochter
Abbotsford - British Columbia

loving your work..well done...thanks for sharing with us.

Jim W
Jackson Community - Oklahoma

Your work is absolutely stunning!

Jill Robinson
Hamilton - Victoria

Stunning imagery :)

Graham Theobald
Plettenberg Bay - South Africa

Inspiring! Perfection. Nice to see superb work without obvious post processing.

Giovanni Leones
davao city - philippines

Hi!Destin. I just came to pass by your facebook account and I seem to like how you converted a simple and ordinary place into a colorful and lively masterpiece. I know for a fact that some of these places are unnoticed by the majority but with your craftsmanship; you combined its simplicity with nature and its elements. and it turned out; very beautiful. I am a family oriented man from the philippines but I am currently working as a nurse in saudi arabia. more power to you, and I'll be following you always in order to learn shooting nature with my family in it. Godspeed.

Roxanne Parr
Temora - NSW
I never look at the adverts etc on facebook but your photo for the free wallpaper just jumped out at me. Awesome stuff :)
Liz Cooper
Bomaderry - NSW

Great work, I can only hope to be half as good

Raksha Martinovic
Camden South - NSW

Hi Destin, I've always been your photography fan... i am proud that you can capture a persons dream or just sparks of heaven in click of your camera.. may god bless you...

Charly Templar
Nhulunbuy - NT

SON, your work is amazing..come make some pics here in Arnhem Land. You will not have any landscape anywhere else like the one here. I just posted a blog about this area..check it out

Evan Switzer
River Heads - Qld

Your images are just simply amazing. I have just started to learn photography myself and it seems I have alot to learn. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful images. Cheers Evan

Cathy Anderson
Vegas - NV

Just hung 'Utopia' in my office. It looks simply stunning. I've had lots of wonderful comments on it so far.

James Lawson
Melbourne - Vic

Hi Destin, I met you in the airport the other week. I just wanted to say thanks for the tips. My photos have already improved.

Maxine Spence
Mount Gambier - SA

Inspiring work Destin, look forward to obtaining one of your works of art for my wall - but which one ? Great website.

Mary Jones
Scottsburg - IN

Holy Light Be the light. Guide the night light. Share the right light. Bright Light Mary Jones

Jesse Riewe
Faribault - Minnesota

Huge Fan, good luck in the future!

Mahesh Nazhiyath
Chennai - Tamil Nadu, India

Saw and d/l'd all of your landscapes from interfacelift, make wonderful backgrounds. Thanks!

Candice -
Victoria - BC- Canada

I am also here because of your photo on InterfaceLIFT called "From Beyond". It is absolutely beautiful! Keep up the good work :)

Jeff Hansen
Fort Collins - CO

Saw you latest photo "From Beyond" on the InterfaceLift website. Beautiful job! Look forward to seeing more of your work. -JH

Missy .
Brisbane - QLD
Great website! Looking forward to being a part of the next workshop.
Mark Dietsch
Parmelia - Western Australia

Love the Photo's, very inspirational

Becky Poplin
Tulsa - Oklahoma

Your work is beautiful, Thank you..

Gary White
Port Macquarie - NSW

love your work, I am 6 months into my photography, and loving every minute of it..

Julie Messenger
St Austell - Cornwall

Absolutely amazing photography - inspiring!!

Jill Pockett
Cookham - UK

Your photographs are fantastic...great composition and light . You have a way of capturing the beauty of the planet artistically and captivatingly. Love your work.

Suzanne Draper
Orange - NSW

Looking at your photos brought a feeling of instant peace and tranquility over me,it was the most amazeing feeling, what a talent you have to be able to capture a feeling like that on a camera and pass it on to someone else. I have always wished for a great camera and the skills to be able to do what you have done, in some degree. You have now inspired me to pursue that desire. Thank you

Nicol Bates
North Parramatta - NSW

Your photos are amazing, I wish I could take photos like this!

Kelly Johnson
Te Awamutu - New Zealand

beautiful..full of such wonderful ideas

Andrea Mckay
Winton - New Zealand

Amazing photography. An inspiration for me.

Chantal Teague
Seville - Victoria

Pictures tell stories that are far more than 1,000 words. They are the images that reach into our imagination, with endless stories to tell of history, of fantasy. These images show nature in its full beauty, thus allowing our minds to explore the deep hidden realms of such worlds when we 'enter' a picture. Thank you for bringing such beauty into our minds.

M Dukalskis

Truly spectacular photography. I think the dedication in returning again and again, to get that one great shot, is evident in the end results. Keep up the great work, and I'm sure I speak for everyone in appreciating your generosity with the give aways :) <3

Ben Callard
Brisbane - Qld
Keep up the great work Destin!
Sherie Brogan
Brisbane - Qld
Love your site, love your photos. Would love to buy one o go into my new house
Bronwyn Graham
Melbourne - Victoria

Love Love Love your work !! thank you for your beautiful pics that light up my life every time i see them !

Linda Leslie
Launceston - Tasmania
I have just discovered your work and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is amazing. Absolutely stunning
Adrienne Elder
Los Angeles - California
I came to your site to express my appreciation for the wallpaper you have at InterfaceLIFT. And I'm glad I did, because your work is stunning. "Naturality" in particular conveys a sense of magic and otherworldliness. I envy you the opportunity to lose yourself there, but I'm grateful that you've captured some of its wonder through your work. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your perspective. It's sublime.
Hayley Smith
Perth - WA
Wow, your images are amazing.
Lyndel Thomas
Maldon - Victoria
Your work is very beautiful. It wonderful that you are sharing your gift to help bring joy to others.
Megan Hart
Chermside West - QLD

Thanks for the delightful views of Brisbane. You capture Brisbane in great way. Thanks

Pam Fioretti
Adelaide - SA

These are truly breathtaking photos...... just beautiful works of art.

Brett Ross
Falls Church - Virginia

Great shots and great website! Looking forward to seeing more work come online!

Deidre Steain
Melbourne - VIC

Congratulations on the launch of your new website. I love how easy it is to navigate. Your photography is simply stunning.

Cairns - Qld

Love landscapes and you capture them very well.

Zophie Cownie
Compton 5291 - SA

Fantastic achievement Destin!! You have really discovered creative talent for beautiful photography, well done! great commentaries and titles for your work, capturing nature with heart. true art!! I have changed my name too! I impressive website, workshops too, really passionate. its great. All the best, Zophie( lijs Mum) Havent seen you for years.

Margaret Evans
Tynong Nth - Vic

Destin I think your Photographs are terrific. Your website is very impressive.I have passed your web Page on to the family

Elijah Cownie
Adelaide - Australia

Each panorama that you have put forth here is like a reflection of heaven. The breath-taking beauty of mother nature is fully on show on your website. Your pieces have blown me away, from the robust romance of Light Impressions, Fire on the Horizon and Lux Aeterna to the gentle elegance of Veni Vidi Vici and Apricity. Your ability to capture natures most beautiful moments is simply stunning. I eagerly await the moment when one of your pieces arrives on my doorstep.

Justin Hagen
Brisbane - QLD

From your biggest fan, I love your work!

Erica Harrison
Colorado Springs - Colorado

An exciting photographer. Rarely does one come across such photographic elegance. - Erica

Grant Turner
Brisbane - QLD

Hi Destin, I've always been a raving fan of your photography. I'm proud to say I own two of your Signature Edition pieces with plans to add a third. Your ability to capture some of Australia's unique landscapes at such opportune times always impresses me. I like that I can follow your adventures through Facebook and I'm looking forward to attending one of your workshops in the future. Kind Regards, Grant.