About the Fine Art Landscape Photography Gallery

Explore the fine art landscape photography gallery of Destin Sparks – a renowned artist who eschews digital manipulation for the enigmatic beauty of film, relying solely on the patient skill of a traditional photographer.

Destin is an increasing rarity in the world of landscape photography – an artist who shoots solely on film, for the special, illusive quality this time-honoured medium imparts upon its subject. Photographers committed to film must take greater care and consider multiple ways of taking a shot before capturing it. This extra time and consideration involved in ‘thinking twice and shooting only once’ is always evident in the final artwork.

Destin is a patient photographer who is able to anticipate the next moment while fully being immersed in the now – an artistic sensibility that combined with a deep understanding of exposure, motion and light, sees him capture landscapes that are as timeless as they are beautiful.

Destin’s passion for film also offers art collectors many other benefits. The larger imaging area results in photographs which are higher resolution than those produced by even top-of-the-range digital cameras. Add to this the dazzlingly vibrant colours possible with film and the added depth that film’s soft grain imparts onto an image and you achieve something softer and more authentic than a digital image – something ethereal, almost like a memory.

The unique qualities which permeate an image shot on film – from motion blur to grain – adds an organic quality which further enhances our ability to connect with the subject matter. This natural realism and embracing of slight imperfections, explains the allure of film and why it is still such a coveted medium today.

High quality film is only the beginning of your unique piece of fine art, however. Each of Destin’s images are then carefully brought to life on the finest quality paper. This museum grade, Fuji Crystal Archive Paper gives you the peace of mind that your precious investment will withstand the test of time.

Finally, adding to the exclusivity of owning a Destin Spark’s landscape, is the restriction on how many Limited Edition prints are produced. This reduces the number in circulation and protects your investment. Prints in all three ranges are signed by Destin and sold with a certificate of authenticity, enabling you to invest with confidence in a photographer of both national and international acclaim.

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