Australian Landscape Photography

Australia is country of extreme landscapes. From the iconic sun-baked ochres of the red centre, to the sparkling azure waters of our coastlines, the dazzling white of snow capped ranges, to lush emerald rainforests and bustling cities, our island home offers landscape photographers some of the most diverse and beautiful opportunities to capture nature in the world.” – Destin Sparks, Australian Landscape Photographer

The Australian Landscape

Anyone who is drawn to the diversity of nature will find a wealth of subject matter in the Australian landscape. A vast continent of extreme temperatures, colours and contrasts, photographers from around the world flock to Australia’s shores every year, to shoot their own version of our country’s grandeur.

The beauty of photographing the Australian landscape is that so much of our land is still untouched. The bush is a perfect example of this, where colours, light and unadulterated habitat collide in a truly wild landscape, where only those who understand and live in harmony with the environment can survive.

  • Discover the extremes of the untouched Australian landscape.
  • The colours and contrasts of the Australian landscape offer something for everyone
  • Experience Australia’s wilderness and bring a piece of it home, with landscape photography.

Landscape photography aims to connect us with the parts of our country we may never see. This is photography’s magic. It enables us to experience firsthand the sense of isolation possible in the outback, the colourful chaos of a reef teeming with life, the eerie stillness of an ancient rainforest, the violence of a wind-buffeted coastline or the tranquility of a sleepy bay. Landscape photography’s gift is that allows us to experience the emotions of being there, wherever we may stand. Truly the essential power of photography is its ability to tell a story.

Discover Australia’s heart and soul with award-winning landscape photography, from Destin Sparks. Each image brings to life the remarkable qualities of one of the world’s most beautiful and enigmatic countries in the world – and is available for you to own now.

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