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If you are a fan of Peter Lik prints, you will be familiar with his incredible ability to capture natural landscape beauty. With his artistic processes and stunning use of vivid color, Peter Lik art boasts the kind of unique and exceptional style that not many photographers can match. But fellow Australian Destin Sparks offers an amazing new take on the ‘Peter Lik style’ – and his work doesn’t come with Peter Lik prices!

Peter Lik


Peter Lik (Photographer)

So who is this influential photographer

storming his way through the photography world and how does he compare to Peter Lik?
You’ve probably heard Destin Sparks being mentioned in international media such as National Nine News, Australian
Broadcasting and With his work being recognised all over the world, the self-taught, multi-award-winning
landscape photographer with a passion for nature is becoming a household name, and deservedly so. If you are
searching for “Peter Lik for sale”, it’s worthwhile taking a detour to Destin Sparks’ photography. You will not be disappointed!