Embrace life like you’ve never done before. It’s time to plan your once-in-a-lifetime photo tour

If you often find yourself busy and lost in the hustle and bustle of life and if it has been a while since you experienced the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer, it could be that you need to leave ordinary behind and join one of our Photo Tours, it will show you what you’ve been missing. 

Take a leap of faith today and embrace life like you’ve never done before.

Come along with your camera and we will show you what to capture. Our objective is to take the group to these amazing locations Destin has highlighted at optimal times. Destin will share with you his expertise and magic recipe on how to make awe-inspiring landscape photographs. He will be at your disposal and be dedicated to guiding & helping you in doing so.

Take a Leap of Faith Today!

Pick your destination and we’ll take care of you

What Else Can You Expect From Our Photo Tours?

Make no mistake, this is no classroom and black board situation, you won’t just fiddle with some camera buttons and sip your water bottle. We immerse you in the landscape, it’s a beautiful world out there. We’ve gotten ourselves lost and found the way out just to bring you back there. We take you there when it’s the right time and potentially perfect conditions so you can take something magic home with you.

While there’s no structured tutoring on Destin Sparks Photo Tours, that’s not to say you won’t learn anything. Some of the things we’ve taught participants along the way include predicting weather and light, the right type of clouds, what filters to buy and how to use them, long exposure techniques, how to nail the perfect composition plus much, much more.

Your Host

Destin Sparks

Who else can you go on this trip with other than Destin Sparks? Self-taught and renowned film landscape photographer featured several time in ‘Australian Traveller’, ‘National Geographic’, ‘The Advertiser’, ‘National Nine Network’, ‘4BD Radio’, ‘The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’, etc.

Destin’s incommensurable passion for photography and love for Mother Nature will make you reconsider what you think you know.

Don’t collect images but capture perfect moments. And forget about Photoshop or any post processing work. Instead of relying on modern tricks of the trade such as Photoshop and Digital Photo Manipulation, Destin will share with you how he leverages and value the ‘click’ on the camera and excellent timing.

A unique opportunity exists to join Destin Sparks and small team of likeminded photo and adventure enthusiasts on a once in a lifetime trip. Just pick your destination and we’ll take care of the rest.

Escape the stresses and worries of the 9 to 5 and reconnect with Mother Nature


“I joined Destin Sparks in 2014, as part of photography group, and we headed north to Queensland’s tropical paradise. I’d never been to The Whitsunday Islands before and his trip did not disappoint! Destin’s knowledge of the island was a great bonus not to forget his chock-a-block itinerary and his knowledge of photography.

Destin was always on hand to help photographically whether it be sunrise, sunset, moonrise or star trails. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Anybody who attends his tours is guaranteed a great time.”

Emma P
“The Tasmanian photo tour was amazing. We covered a lot of ground over the 4 days and spent sufficient time at each location to capture some truly unforgettable scenery.

Destin was clearly in his element, and after gleaning much from his expertise I personally feel I have advanced a few levels in my photography. Both Destin and Ninie made the trip a joy and an adventure to remember”

Stephen E.
“I’ve travelled the World before but never like this. My trip to New Zealand with Destin’s team was no doubt one of the best. I can tell Destin puts on a lot of effort in organising his Photo Tours. He goes beyond the beaten track. Not only did he drive us around to breathtaking places, share with us his photography secret formula but he also took care of our wellbeing (great food and luxurious accommodation). One world: mesmerised.”
Marie V
“Great company, fantastic locations. Good friendly bunch of people. Very memorable weekend and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Paul and Destin for driving us around.”
Hayley B
“This group is one of the best out there, everyone in the group is so friendly, always willing to help those who want it 🙂 Very supportive group. and Destin…. That man deserves a medal… and maybe some more Moët 😛 Top People, Top Group. Always fun!”
Jack D