Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Australia

The world is full of beautiful places, but some of them seem too surreally beautifully to truly exist. A privately-owned spot in the Glass House Mountains of the Sunshine Coast known as “One Tree Hill” is just such a place. The rolling hills, the abundant grasses, the distant valleys, and the majestic open skies collectively create a scene that’s like something out of a fairy world. Then there’s that singular cherry tree, standing tall and solitary in the middle of it all.

Alone was captured on One Tree Hill in the golden late-day sunshine one afternoon. The skies were full of thick, fluffy clouds that filtered the sunlight in such a way that it made the greenery below sparkle. As the sun sunk ever lower in the sky, it kissed the sides of the distant hills and the pale bark of the lone cherry tree – one last gentle caress before going home to let the evening take over once more.