Closehaven Marina, Port Douglas, Queensland – Australia

The world has a way of showing you the most fantastic, otherworldly things when it’s transitioning from day to night. Sunset – the most magical of times and sometimes the most surprising as well. The day is done. Whether you spent your time working or playing, you’re now ready to stretch your tired limbs, enjoy a good meal, and bask in the glow of another wonderful 24 hours well spent. Then as the sun sets, the sky positively comes alive, blooming into a breathtaking parade of yellows, lilacs, and crimsons.

Bay of Fire depicts just such a sunset at Queensland’s Closehaven Marina. I was just getting ready to pack up my things and head back to camp for the night when a crack in the sky gave way to the most wonderful outpouring of vermillion, gold, and orange. The coloured light spread gracefully from one cloud to the next, as if the sky itself were being set ablaze with heavenly fire – the perfect send-off to a wonderful day


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