Roaring Meg Stream, Kawarau Gorge, Queenstown Lakes – New Zealand

Some trees seem to be so much more than simple members of the plant kingdom. They almost give one the impression that they possess heartbeats and thinking souls. They appear to have limbs that reach, aspiring to touch things we can only imagine. This particular tree and its graceful, wing-like limbs had a way of stretching in exactly that manner – a manner that reminds you of dance and the poetry of wisdom.

It was a windy autumn near Kawarau Gorge, home to icy, crystalline mountain waters and a rich history that can only come attached to former gold panning country. This meandering creek, clear and cool as can be, flowed steadily down the mountain and along a road. The winds were high that day and the air carried the earthy, woody scent of the season as this tree stretched and curved, like a graceful wooden bird.


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