Lake Pukaki, Canterbury, South Island – New Zealand

Along the northern border of New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin lie a trio of slender alpine lakes. Lake Pukaki is the central lake of the three. Like many such lakes, Pukaki receives a glacial feed complete with delicate rock particles that lend a unique blue coloring to the waters there. It’s a chilly, peaceful blue that gives an onlooker the impression that they’re looking at something poignant and magical.

Bliss was taken at Lake Pukaki on a late autumn afternoon. Earlier in the day, the skies over the lake had been cloudy and grey, heavy with creeping mists drifting mysteriously through the spaces between the mountains. However, as the day wore on, the skies cleared and the most beautiful reflections appeared on the glassy surface of the lake. Nearby, a pair of newlyweds stopped to take in the moment and capture it on film as well. They stood together at the water’s edge, fully immersed in the beauty around them.


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