Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park, Tasmania – Australia

We’re often told that when we really want to get a true feel for a thing – whether it’s a beautiful view or a thorny personal situation — we must step back and view it at a great distance. Only when we see the big picture can we truly know and understand. However, it’s important to realize that just as much can be gained from getting up close and personal – taking a moment to view one’s surroundings as a vital part of them.

This is a shot of Tasmania’s awe-inspiring Russell Falls – not a panoramic vista, but a close-up. The music of the falls was not just background noise at this distance. It filled my ears. The textured emerald velvet of the moss on the trees was rough and damp beneath my fingers, so much more than just an experience imagined. All around me, the heady perfume of this place scented the air. In that moment, I was not just an observer. I was truly part of the wonder before me.


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