12 Apostles, The Great Ocean Road, Victoria – Australia

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful sights to see, so it deserves to be high on every world traveler’s bucket list. What remains of the iconic stacked stone columns known as the 12 Apostles are among the Great Ocean Road’s most awe-inspiring offerings and with good reason. They stand apart from the limestone cliffs at their backs, looking almost exactly like otherworldly sentinels keeping watch over their surroundings.

Butterscotch captures the 12 Apostles as they looked on a perfectly golden summer evening at sunset. A blanket of cloud cover hung overhead as the lemon-yellow sun of late day bathed both the horizon and the water’s surface in sweet, buttery light. Behind the Apostles, the craggy surfaces of the limestone cliffs lit up honey-gold as they reflected the sun’s rays back over the sandy beach. Meanwhile, there were the Apostles, bearing witness as always to another perfect evening.


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