Southport Spit, Main Beach, Queensland – Australia

Natural light can be such an incredible entity. Depending on the time of day or where we are in the procession of the calendar year, the unique light that is inseparably married to each new collection of hours has the power to dress even the most familiar locations in brand new clothes.

I experienced this phenomenon first hand during a visit to The Spit, one of the Australian Gold Coast’s most famous beaches. I’d been here quite a few times in the past, but the light on this particular spring day made me feel as if I were seeing it for the first time.

The sun kissed the sky in a way that gave rise to a fantasy parade of a million cherry blossom-esque hues – candy rose, dusty lilac, and gentle periwinkle to name just a few. The ocean was calm that day, allowing the very sea itself to echo this incredibly majestic sky to perfection and magnify its beauty – a one-of-a-kind double work of art that I felt truly blessed to witness.


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