Lake Cave, Margaret River, Western Australia – Australia

Most grown adults positively understand that dragons aren’t real. They are the stuff of legends, fairy stories, and epic fantasy novels like Game of Thrones. They are awesome, mighty, and profoundly terrible, but ultimately we have nothing tangible to fear from them. They’re only as real as our imaginations will allow them to be when we’re dreaming or lost in colorful reverie. We may still like to think about them, but any real ability to believe in them is usually long gone along with our childhood days.

However, there are places in the world that are so spectacular – so wonder-inducing – that they can’t help but take you back to your childhood and all that you believed before you grew tall. Back to a day when you believed in dragons and dreamed of growing up into someone with the ability to slay them. Lakes Cave in Western Australia’s Margaret River Region is just such a place. The Margaret River Region is mostly famous for its distinguished wines, but deep in its heart is a collection of beautiful limestone caves that look like something straight out of Arthurian legend.

‘Dragon’s Lair’ was captured on an autumn day at Lakes Cave. The morning sunlight bathed the interior of the cave in a warm palette of goldenrod, tawny, umber, and ancient platinum. The limestone smelled of moisture, minerals, and quiet places. The series of stalactites and craggy rocks looked so much like a dragon’s lair from a movie that there in that moment, it seemed crazy not to believe in dragons. In fact, I almost fancied I saw one, can you see him too? Reclining just there in the middle of the cave, dreaming of stolen gold and long flights on leathery wings. It was definitely easy to imagine that perhaps this place was a dragon’s abode once, long ago during an era that time had all but forgotten.


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