Pumicestone Passage, Golden Beach, Queensland – Australia

The Spanish word “duende” refers to a special kind of charisma. It is the power to attract via irresistible charm and undeniable magnetism. Everyone has met someone before who perfectly embodies the concept of duende. You don’t have to know such a person well or for long for them to leave a lasting impression. It simply stays with you over the years and reminds you of how compelling some moments can be.

Places, objects, and scenes can be this way as well. Duende is the memory of just such a scene captured at Pumicestone Passage on Queensland’s Golden Beach. A lone boat bears witness to an indescribably beautiful sunrise. The sun was the perfect yellow of melted butter, the sky a silken tapestry of shell pinks, sugared corals, shy lemons, and modest periwinkles. The colors spilled over the water’s surface in perfect harmony as the nearby city prepared to start another day.


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