Horseshoe Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania – Australia

The greens you find in nature are absolutely unlike any of the other greens you’ll find elsewhere in life. Lush, vibrant, and fragrant, these are greens that are undeniably alive. They positively hum with the magic that is the stuff of life. They are color personified and natural settings that are characterized by such colors possess a beauty that is positively humbling in its majesty.

Horseshoe Falls, a peaceful little oasis located just up the mountain from the ever-famous Russell Falls, is just such a place. The spectacle of two gently rumbling waterfalls is offset perfectly by a multitude of velvety, moss-covered rocks. An ice cold stream meanders gracefully between them, like a ribbon snaking its way through a lady’s hair. Lush, tropical ferns frame the scene with their delicate, graceful fronds and fill the air with a heady, grassy fragrance – the perfect finishing touch to a scene that almost seemed to beautiful to be real.


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