Hopetoun Falls, The Great Ocean Road, Victoria – Australia

Majestic waterfalls that are so picture perfect, they look and feel like something out of a book of fairy tales absolutely exist and you’ll discover more than a few if you ever visit Great Otway National Park. It’s one of many beautiful sights to be found along Australia’s world-famous Great Ocean Road, a must-see for any globe trotter planning a vacation down under anytime soon.

Enchanted was captured during a winter’s jaunt to Great Otway’s unparalleled Hopetoun Falls. The light that day was crisp with that tenuous, delicate quality it only has in the wintertime. It filtered through the lush fronds of the greenery around me and sparkled on the misty waters of the waterfall as they cascaded onto the rocks below. The stones were smooth and slick with time, moss, and flowing water. My ears were full of the sound of the falls and my soul was filled with awe as I stood there and simply existed in the moment.


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