Shorncliffe, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

Every single day starts with a sunrise. Sunrises are reliable, punctual, and technically quite commonplace, yet each one still finds a way to be positively breathtaking regardless. It’s almost as if the powers that be really wanted to make sure each day came alongside its own uniquely beautiful bit of magic. They also placed that magic right where it’s needed most – at the start of the day, allowing us to get up and get moving on a positive note absolutely anytime. All we have to do is rise, shine, and be there to appreciate it.

Ethereal was captured in lovely, peaceful Shorncliffe in Brisbane, Australia. Shorncliffe is well loved for its quaint atmosphere, uniquely enriching festivals, and gorgeous waters. In fact, for many, the waters are what truly complete any trip to Shorncliffe. Even the ancient Aboriginals call the area Warra, a name that translates roughly to “an expanse of water”. There is certainly no place better to sit quietly, center one’s self, and start the day with a sunrise.

On this particular day, I’d decided to do exactly that. I selected a vantage point that gave me a wonderful view of the long, quiet pier and waited for the magic to begin. At first, all was grey and dormant. The pier in front of me looked more like a lonely road to another plain of existence than it did the bustling, populated walkway it normally was. Then the sun began to peer over the horizon, covering the still, calm waters in thin, bright light. As the sunrise continued, the sky exploded into a marvelous symphony of colors – gentle mauves, pale lemons, sweet roses, and dusty lavenders all intermingling perfectly. The still waters looked as if they’d been bathed in slick, bright watercolors. The sky was soft, calm, and inviting – a perfect vision in pastels that refreshed my soul and made me grateful to be starting another day.


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