Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon – United States

If you’re the type of person who has trouble seeing winter as a positively beautiful time of year, spend a winter admiring Oregon’s majestic Crater Lake in person. It’s impossible to leave without a thorough appreciation of the season. A snowy Oregon winter at its best is the very definition of peace personified. The quiet reaches a depth so profound as to make you feel you’ve never experienced true silence before. Meanwhile, the landscape around you is at rest under its blanket of snow, dreaming of the spring to come.

Crater Lake itself is among the snowiest inhabited places in the entire United States, so there truly is no better place in America to develop an appreciation for winter landscapes. Frozen Planet was captured in the late afternoon on an especially crisp winter’s day. The lake before me was the most perfect shade of frozen crystal blue, mysterious and beautiful in its total stillness. Behind the lake rose the mountains, perfectly frosted with freshly fallen snow, ice, and frost. The air was cold, clean, and bracing in my lungs – the cleanest air you can possibly imagine breathing.

Then there were the trees. They weren’t just frosted that day, each pine needle a different shade of dusty pastel cornflower in that late afternoon light. Each detail of every tree was encased in solid ice. They were like precious things under glass, valuables so fine that they must be protected from harm at all costs. There in the icy stillness, I really did feel like an adventurer far from home, relocated to a frozen planet far, far away in a distant corner of the universe. At times like those, you’re very aware of what a big place planet earth really is – of how alien and foreign even Oregon can feel under the right circumstances.


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