Uralla, New England Tablelands, New South Wales – Australia

A crisply perfect autumn is never more magical and otherworldly than it is just after sunrise. Glitter is a slice of time created on just such a perfect early morning in the enchanting small town of Uralla in New South Wales.

I stood with my back to the city’s historic Gostwyck Chapel looking on as that day’s newborn sun gradually set fire to the newly turned autumn foliage down this private driveway. The scene before me was like tranquility personified and perfectly painted. I was all alone save for the grazing cattle wandering nearby as these dancing scarlets, golds, and vermilions provided the perfect contrast to the crisp, naked bite in the air on that -6-degree C day.

On solitary mornings like these – clean, clear, and implicitly brand new – it seems almost possible to taste the seasons changing, to smell the scent of transformation itself lingering in the morning air… like a new possibility just waiting to be embraced.


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