Stonehenge, New England Tablelands, New South Wales – Australia

There are certain images that are so iconic and such a big part of our concept of beauty that it can be positively magical to actually experience them in person, especially under the right circumstances. One of these is without a doubt the classic tree-lined path leading the casual follower off into the distance.

I encountered this particular path while exploring the New England Tablelands of New South Wales at the close of a balmy Autumn day. The wheel of the year had not yet transitioned into winter, but as the golden sun began to sink beneath the horizon, I could detect a slight chill in the air nevertheless. This path was truly the epitome of the tree-lined, rural paths that most of us only get to see in movies. It was already quite a sight to see, but the way the trees themselves caught and held the last rays of the setting sun was like something out of a fairytale.


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