Shorncliffe Pier, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

The faded white timbers of Queensland’s Shorncliffe Pier can feel very different depending on the time of year, the weather, and the day. However, there’s always an otherworldliness about them that’s unique to this particular spot. You sometimes get the feeling that if you walked them for long enough and under the right circumstances, you could easily find yourself in another world entirely.

Harmony is Shorncliffe as it appeared at sunrise on a peaceful autumn morning. The people who would later come to see the pier and walk across it were yet to appear. The only witnesses were the tall, lonely lamps that had yet to be powered down for the day. As the sun began to appear over the horizon, a lovely band of peaches, lemons, and stone greys appeared where the sky met the waters. The deep midnight blue of the night sky overhead gave way to gentler tones of robin’s egg, cornflower, and azure as the day began.


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