Victoria Docks, Hobart, Tasmania – Australia

It goes without saying that nature is breathtaking as far as how beautiful it can be when captured at just the right moment. However, one shouldn’t discount the potential of manmade structures in this regard. Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart perfectly personifies the character and grace to be found in so many of today’s most incredible cities. In Hobart, you can witness the past and the present coming together in perfect harmony.

This shot was taken in the winter just after sunrise. Old-fashioned fishing boats congregated languidly along the docks as the city itself emerged via the sunlight of a new day. Just through the fog, I caught a peek of majestic Mt. Wellington, the perfect foil to the soon-to-be bustling city just in front of it. I sat and waited for the sun to reach just the right point in the sky to highlight everything I was seeing in a way that truly captured the spirit of the place. It took hours, as the sun was quite low in the sky that time of year… but the moment was well worth the wait.


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