Sydney Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales – Australia

A bridge isn’t just a convenient way to get from one side of a body of water to another. Bridges seamlessly blend the beauty and possibility of art with the precision and reliability of physics. The fact that they are as beautiful and awe-inspiring as they are useful is a true testament to what mankind is really capable of and they can’t help but inspire you to dream, wonder, and imagine as a result.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is responsible for facilitating numerous types of traffic across Sydney Harbour itself, including pedestrian, vehicular, and rail traffic. The view of this picturesque landmark arching gracefully across the water alongside nearby Sydney Opera House is perhaps one of the most iconic and widely recognised images associated with not only Sydney, but all of Australia. Like many beautiful things in this world, it’s at its absolute best when viewed by the light of dawn.

‘Lavender Dawn’ was captured during sunrise on a gentle spring day. The water was still and all was strangely silent, especially in comparison to Sydney Harbour’s usual bustling energy. The light was thin and all was grey as the world prepared to wake up and perform yet another movement in its eternal dance. The sky was soft, plush, and velvety – airbrushed perfectly smooth by the gossamer clouds that filled it.

Some sunrises explode into juicy bursts of wild colour. Others bloom slowly, buy with absolute determination, like spring flowers after the last snow of winter. This one whispered itself into existence in a million different shades of purple. First came sweet lilac and lily-soft boysenberry, followed promptly by deep violet and the most beautiful shades of gentle lavender. For a few magical minutes, I almost felt as if I were trapped in an artist’s masterpiece. Then as the sun rose higher, that unmistakable Sydney skyline appeared, letting me know exactly where I was and inviting me to come be part of another new day.


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