Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania – Australia

Each of the seasons is beautiful and poignant in its own way, of course. Spring and summer seem to burst at the seams with fragrance and blossoming life. However, winter’s signature beauty is a peaceful, pensive one. At times, the earth seems to be fast asleep, dreaming of the primordial hum that will wake it again in the spring. Other times, the world has a way of reminding us that it’s simply at rest during the winter, pondering… watching. Still growing and alive, but on a different frequency than at other times.

I crossed paths with this silent field of brushy vegetation at Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain while heading back from location just after sunrise. The next round of snows had not yet begun, but the air had that distinct bite to it that tells you winter is well underway regardless. In the chill, early morning light, this place looked so exactly like a field of ice – something dormant and drowsy, but alive and sentient at the same time.


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