Shorncliffe, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

Shorncliffe is a quaint little suburb of Brisbane, Australia with a homey, village-style feel that’s just like food for the soul. It’s well-known for the various festivals it hosts throughout the year, as well as for its proximity to some truly gorgeous waters. Whether you’re in the mood to slip into your favorite pair of boat shoes and spend the day on a yacht or simply enjoy some rejuvenating meditation time on the sunny shore, Shorncliffe is a must-see for anyone that loves to be close to the water.

Liquid Gold was captured at sunrise on a chilly, but clear winter morning and shows Shorncliffe at is most beautiful. No one that’s ever had the experience of watching the sun rise can deny that it’s a positively enchanting time of day to be outdoors. It’s as if you’re truly watching the world wake up, stretch, and prepare to take on the day. The temperature goes from cold and nippy to gently warm and life-giving as those first golden rays kiss your face. The colors are pure magic, going from grey and understated to the most beautiful vermilions, oranges, and goldenrods right before your very eyes, sometimes with a hint of lavender thrown in for good measure.

The morning captured here was a rich, captivating symphony in gold, russet, and butter yellow. As the sun peeked over the horizon and illuminated the scene one piece at a time, the calm waters in front of me transformed into liquid gold right before my very eyes. The low hanging clouds turned the most beautiful shade of peach, making them look like the most delectable confections. Once the sun had risen high enough to fully light the scene, I noticed a distant team of rowers out there diligently cutting a path across the glassy surface of the water.


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