Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta – Canada

The waters of Banff National Park’s Peyto Lake aren’t just blue in the summertime. They’re the pale, crystalline aqua of blue raspberry ice pops – a blue so strange and sweet, it’s positively unreal. The lake’s unusual turquoise shade occurs during the warmer months when rock particles from the nearby glaciers flow freely into it, transforming it into something magical. This is a color that redefines blue entirely, an amazing sight that’s not to be missed if you’re ever near Banff yourself.

Lone Wolf was captured at Peyto Lake at sunrise on a summer’s day. Despite the fact that it was summer, there was a chill in the air and a gentle bite to the wind as it danced through the blanket of firs in front of me. The slate-grey mountains framed a perfect sunrise as the cloudy sky bloomed into a bouquet of lavenders, powder blues, and dove greys. The stillness and serenity of such a scene made me feel like the only man in the world in the most wonderful way.


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