Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California – United States

Everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the ancient Greek myth of King Midas, the man who received a blessing from the gods that allowed him to turn everything he touched to gold. Of course, in the story that blessing turns out to be more of a curse than anything else, as Midas couldn’t control his golden touch and wound up turning even the food necessary to sustain him into hard, indigestible gold as well. However, people still dream of experiencing their own version of the Midas Touch, ever sure that if they were to receive that same power, they’d get it right.

Midas Touch was captured as I passed a quiet winter’s afternoon admiring the Golden Gate Bridge from California’s own Baker Beach. It was late in the day and still very early on in the winter, but the golden California sun was still as bright and cheerful as ever. As it prepared to dip below the horizon, the light turned gorgeously golden as it kissed not only the bridge, but the surrounding landscape as well. For a few precious moments, everything truly appeared to be bathed in warm, rich, liquid gold like something out of a fairytale.

It was impossible not to recall the story of King Midas. There in the fading sunlight on that winter afternoon, something as fantastic and mythical as a golden touch really did seem like something that could actually happen. The fact that the sun was lighting up the Golden Gate Bridge seemed especially appropriate. It’s already one of the most iconic and easily recognizable manmade structures in the entire world – a gracefully majestic connection between one stretch of land and another. There in the evening sunlight though, it seemed like even more – a golden dream that was mere moments from coming true.


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