Stonehenge, New England Tablelands, New South Wales – Australia

As the golden light from another day’s departing sun kissed the dried grass of the meandering New England Tablelands and spilled across the sprawling landscape, I took a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the quiet beauty of Stonehenge. The amber warmth of the evening’s rays painted my skin, filling me with a renewed burst of energy as I sought out exactly the right spot from which to preserve that moment of tranquility forever.

That’s when I was lead to a sweeping private field sparsely peppered with grazing wildlife. A lone cow that had wandered off from the rest of its herd to experience its own peaceful moment in the setting sun locked eyes with me. I was an intruder to his territory… but I felt curiously welcomed at the same time. We shared a brief but poignant moment as Stonehenge said good-bye to another miraculous day.


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