Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

Whether you’re a native Australian or just someone who likes to visit from time to time, there’s no place like Wellington Point if you love being close to the water. Water sport lovers flock to the area in the summers when they’re in the mood for a little fun in the sun. Those looking for a one-of-a-kind chance to refresh their spirits while taking in vistas that positively make your heart ache come to the Point for its quaint, seaside village atmosphere. This area can be an especially haunting place to visit in the winters when the world slows down and grows quieter in preparation for other things to come.

‘Ocean Breeze’ was captured during just such a winter. I stood alone in the middle of the pier one morning just as the sun was preparing to rise. Gone were the people that so love to wander up and down it during the days and evenings, stopping occasionally to chat to one another as they gaze out at the tranquil, calming waters around them. The world was statue-still around me, grey and sleeping. There wasn’t a sound to be heard except for the gentle lapping of the waters against the coast line and the occasional murmur of a water birds preparing to start another day on the coast. The tall, slender pier lights stood thin and straight, my only companions and fellow witnesses to the coming sunrise.

Finally, the sun did begin to ascend passed the horizon, painting the skies with the sweetest, most delicate palette of colors. Steely metallic tones and faded periwinkles gave way to delicate dove greys, demure peaches, powdery lilacs, and soft golds. Each colour blended perfectly into the next, growing brighter and more pronounced as the sun continued to light up the world around me. Soft, graceful clouds feathered their way across my view, stained with the watercolor-perfect shades of another spectacular sunrise.


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