Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

One of my favorite things about Australia are these fantastic wooden piers. I can’t think of any better place to stand, take in the beauty of the sea, and contemplate life in solitude. The wood itself has a life force and a history to it that feels like a handshake from an old friend. Spending time at a place like this is grounding in a way that just isn’t possible at one of the newer concrete cousins of these original wooden piers.

Parallel Vision was taken at a Wellington Point pier that is now pretty much a thing of the past like so many of the wooden piers of Australia. It was autumn at the time and the way the way the golden sunlight played off of the timbers here was absolutely fascinating. One side of the pier was bathed in soft periwinkle shadows while the other was washed in gold, vermillion, and ochre. Two such different types of beauty, right there in front of me, stretching out in harmony toward the majesty of the sea.


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