Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

Some of us are simply born with the call of the ocean echoing in our souls. To be far from the water feels almost like being without a limb to such people. Returning to it after a long time away, on the other hand, feels just like coming home to a safe haven. Queensland’s Wellington Point is the type of place that makes you swear you’ll never stray far from the water again. Whether you’re in the area to partake in your favourite aquatic sport or simply to take in a beautiful view or two, you’ll feel like you’re exactly where you were always meant to be.

However, you quite simply haven’t experienced the beautiful waters of Wellington Point until you’ve seen them brood and ponder as they ride out a storm. Portal was taken late in the afternoon at just such a time. It was spring, so occasional storms were certainly within the realm of possibility on any given day. That afternoon, a tropical storm happened to be passing overhead and it turned Wellington Point into the most otherworldly place in the process.

As I stood on the pier, listening to the anxious lapping of the waves on the rocks and breathing the moist ocean air, the scene in front of me transformed into a visual symphony in lavender. For a moment, I felt as if I’d unwittingly wandered through some magic portal into an artist’s imaginary world – a world in which said artist had just finished spilling his purple watercolor paints. Up until that moment, I’d had no idea so many shades of regal violet actually existed!

A distant watercolor rainbow was the only evidence there in that moment that there were any other colours except for violet left in the world as the sun began to set.  I watched transfixed as the curtain dropped on yet another stunning day.


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