Moke Lake, Closeburn, Otago – New Zealand

Sunrise tends to be a rather eerie, beautiful in-between time regardless of where you happen to experience it. However, there is nothing that unlocks the true magic of this time of day quite like a stunning natural location. The kind of place that makes you feel like you’re a visitor to a completely different dimension while underlining your inherent humanity and oneness with Mother Earth at the same time. Places like this have a way of making you believe in the possibility of magic, if only temporarily.

This quiet, placid lake just outside of Queenstown is just such a place. It was chilly and fantastically quiet as an icy Autumn dawn unfolded. Aside from a pair of passing ducks, there wasn’t a living thing in sight except for one or two isolated travelers, still fast asleep in their vans, windows dewy with condensation. The surface of the lake was smooth and reflective as a mirror. A misty rainbow appeared like a ghost, only to disappear like a whisper moments later.


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