Purakaunui Falls, The Catlins, Otago – New Zealand

There’s a reason time spent at a paradise-like island location is considered a cure-all for the stresses and tensions that plague us on a daily basis. Whether you’re stretched out on a beautiful beach underneath a crystal clear blue sky or soaking up the relaxing sound of a rushing waterfall, such settings have a way of making everything else seem very small and unimportant. That’s the power of Mother Nature at work and there’s no better place to experience it than The Catlins.

The Catlins are part of New Zealand’s own Southern Scenic Route. However, it’s located a little further off the beaten track than other popular hot spots, right in between beautiful Fortrose and lovely Kaka Point. It also comes complete with everything an avid nature lover could ever hope to experience right there in one place from lush forests, to sparkling coasts, to roaring waterfalls like the positively incredible triple-tier Purakaunui Falls.

This shot of the falls and the stunningly lush foliage surrounding it was captured on a beautiful, mild winter’s day, late one morning. It’s one of the Catlins’ most popular spots to photograph and the reason why is crystal clear when you’re actually right there, standing in front of it. The energetic rush of the falls themselves fills not only your ears, but your very soul right to the brim.

The air that day hung moist, heady, and green as the surrounding foliage swayed gently in the breeze. Chill, gentle winter sunlight filtered its way down from above, illuminating the mist and giving it a subtle but otherworldly glow. Standing there in a natural place that awe-inspiring makes you feel as if you never quite understood beauty prior to that. It even has a way of making you wonder whether there’s actually a limit to how much beauty one place can actually hold.


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