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Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania - Australia

When you take the initiative to let your explorations into nature unfold as they will, you open yourself up to the most wonderful surprises at the same time. Such surprises don’t necessarily limit themselves to little known or secluded locations either. Popular areas tend to harbor beautiful, jeweled treasures of their own. Case in point, Tasmania’s own Cradle Mountain.

One winter’s night, I followed a slender, winding road to a chilly, mysterious spot that seemed to be calling my name. The ground was already glazed with fresh ice despite the fact that the snows had not yet begun to fall that year. The darkness refused to reveal much beyond a scattering of trees that looked as if they’d be quite at home in front of a haunted house.

As the sun rose the next day, kissing the scene with shades of gold, umber, and rose I had no idea what would ultimately be revealed. I was pleasantly surprised with sun-drenched mountains the color of honey, flawlessly reflected in the still waters in front of me.


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Fuji GX617


Fujinon SWD 90mm 5.6

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Fuji Velvia 50


9th June 2014


12 Hours

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