Maroochy River, Maroochydore, Queensland – Australia

At times, successfully capturing the spirit and essence of a truly magical place takes more than one try. That was certainly the case here with this shot of Queensland’s placid Maroochy River. I’d personally visited this particular spot many times in the attempt, but only on my seventh visit were the conditions just right for the making of magic.

The river was still and calm as I waited patiently for the sun to rise and breathe new life into the world around me. It was a peaceful morning in winter, crisp but not cold. The world went from dark to grey… and then finally the warm, buttery rays of dawn began to spill over the horizon and bring the scene to life, slowly and languidly, but with a special rhythm that was completely in step with the heartbeat of that place.

The way the morning light lit the lake’s boat house from behind made the structure look as if it was built of burnt timber, many years old. The sky itself looked like fire, life-giving and hungry all at the same time. A perfect dawn in a quiet place on a calm winter’s morning.


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