The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia – Australia

Imagine yourself in the deserts of Western Australia. It’s winter. The hot, unforgiving sun of the afternoon has just begun to set, giving way to austere, chill temperatures that make it feel more year’s end as you know it. The arid quality of the air parches your lips while heightening the clean, dusty scent of the still-warm clay around you. You’re transfixed by the sheer majesty of the place as you watch it evolve before your very eyes.

As you sit alone, enjoying the quiet and the solitude that surrounds you, the cerulean of the day’s sky gives way to the sweet violet of evening. Between two of the majestic Pinnacles before you, the full moon begins to rise. A lone tree hugs a particularly robust rock formation, a stranger in a strange land just like you. However, at the same time, that tree appears to be reaching toward that pristine, pearly moon like a favored child enchanted by its mother’s necklace.


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