Hopetoun Falls, The Great Ocean Road, Victoria – Australia

Saying Australia’s Great Ocean Road is home to many treasures that should be on everyone’s bucket list is really quite the understatement. It is universally considered to be one of the world’s most notable scenic coastal drives. Among other natural wonders, those that grace it with their presence will see the mysterious 12 Apostles, crashing waterfalls, sprawling surf breaks, and stunning vistas if they decide to go the distance. The Great Ocean Road will also eventually lead travelers that are especially hungry for beauty to Great Otway National Park, a beautiful paradise filled with picturesque sights that are virtually guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Sanctity of Light was captured during just such a visit to lovely Great Otway. It was a relatively mild afternoon on a brisk winter’s day. The season found the sun hanging low and modest in the sky despite the time of day. It cast a thin but elegant light from behind the falls in front of me, magnified and refracted by the caul of mist from the waters. The effect was an otherworldly one that almost made me feel like I’d stumbled into Eden itself. The air hung heavy, damp, and clean around me. It smelled of green, growing things and the freshness of pristine water flowing over smooth stones.

As I looked around me, I couldn’t help but be drawn back to the simple, modest quality of the light that day. The way it perfectly illuminated every velvety fold of the lush landscape around me without being over-bright or blinding lent the scene a sense of peace and clarity. There in that quiet afternoon moment, I felt sanctified and lucky to exist in that space right there at that precise time. It was like that special space had been opened just for me, a space perfect and clean in its majesty.


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