Shorncliffe Pier, Shorncliffe, Queensland – Australia

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Sunrises are like births. Despite the fact that they happen every day as surely as anything, they’re no less incredible for that fact. No two are exactly alike. Each is completely awe-inspiring, the type of experience that can’t help but put your soul at ease while simultaneously reminding you of how small you really are in the grand scheme of things. Each is a glorious meditation on the magic of color.

Sky Fury captures the sunrise as it looked over Queensland’s Shorncliffe Pier on a peaceful autumn morning. The sky was heavily textured by a blanket of wooly clouds that caught the light of the sun as it rose in a fascinating way. Every curve and cranny reflected a different shade of violent purple, crimson red or velvety goldenrod. As a new morning was born, the sky positively erupted in a parade of dynamic color, the perfect complement to the stillness and stability of the pier underneath.


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