Selva Falls, Border Ranges, New South Wales – Australia

Even here in the 21st century, a point in time where it legitimately feels like there is nothing undiscovered and no corner of the world left unpenetrated, it’s wonderful to know that Mother Nature still has her hidden coves and her secret hideaways. They wait patiently, cloaked in peace and solitude, just waiting for their majesty to be discovered and appreciated.

This hidden waterfall nestled deep in the fragrant, mossy heart of New South Wales’s Border Ranges, is such a quiet, peaceful spot. It sits protected, just waiting to be appreciated and admired by those that come to visit. Stay still enough in this spot for long enough and you’ll swear the forest around you is fast asleep. You’ll be certain you feel it breathing softly and evenly as the very treetops overhead dream away and the waterfall rushes on.


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