Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania – Australia

You can have a thousand photos of the same place but they can all be different. In fact, every photo has its own story and should you remember not to judge a book by its cover.

Looking at this photograph, some would think that it was a sunny and warm day. Not to disappoint, but that day was actually a beautiful day of winter, and at the same time one of the coolest day. I was breathing in the cold air, turning my inside colder as if i was inhaling flakes of white while exhaling fire.

Exactly the sensation I had as I was photographing ‘Sunburn’: the contrast of those opposite elements, fire in the cold air, just like the contrast of this orange pigmentation on the rocks and the coolness of the sea. The aquamarine seawater was sparkling, as feathers of golden light cascaded from the sky and came ashore below the waters surface, reflecting shimmering sand from the oceans foundations which fought against the down-pouring light.

Freezing but enjoying every second of that exact moment. All I wanted was to capture what time tries to steal from me and ‘freeze’ this moment into tangible foreverness. As time progresses, emotion returns when I look back and remember ‘Sunburn’.


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