Amity Point, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland – Australia

Bridges are more than just utilitarian ways to get from Point A to Point B with ease. They’re symbols as well – connection points that link one location from another, both physically and spiritually. This privately owned pier at Queensland’s Amity Point isn’t a proper bridge per se, but it does offer locals and visitors alike a way to connect on an up close and personal basis with the sea and the nearby mainland in a unique way. Weekends often found locals visiting via ferry and meandering out to the furthest reaches of the pier, the better to enjoy the view of the mainland straight across the way.

This shot was captured at sunset during a balmy, autumn afternoon. The woodwork of the pier suspended itself gracefully over the sun-soaked rocks and cerulean waters below. Imagine the feeling of the late afternoon autumn sun on your skin and the feeling of being suspended over the gently lapping waters below. The scene is at once peaceful and comforting – the perfect end to a perfect day on North Stradbroke Island.


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