Hill Inlet, Whitsundays, Queensland – Australia

There’s visiting a beautiful place… and then there’s visiting a beautiful place for the very first time. Inhaling the very essence of what that place is at its core. Marveling at the unique features that make it what it is in a way you’ll never do in quite that same way again. It’s an experience for all of the five senses to be sure. However, I think that for me the colors are what really strike me first about an amazing location.

That’s exactly how I felt when I visited the jewel-like waters you see here. It was the very start of spring. I’d been to the opposite side of this same beach, but this was my first visit to this particular spot. I was absolutely mesmerized by the hue of the water – rich sapphire offset by cornflower and aquamarine. A lone boat punctuated its picture perfect surface in much the same way the salty tang of the water accented the fresh sea air. Graceful curls of pristine, white sea foam announced every wave in a way that was pure magic.


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