Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

Plants can be like people — very separate beings from one another with different personalities and different drives. Some crouch and cluster while others can’t help but reach and climb because it’s in their nature. The Arrow Head plant, also known as syngonium, is most commonly found inhabiting a pot as the popular indoor plant that it is. However, let syngonium grow wild in your garden – free to roam and explore – and it becomes a highly motivated climber, always reaching for that next horizon.

Syngonium was captured at Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens – a shot of this tenacious plant doing what it does best: thriving in the abundant late afternoon sunshine of a beautiful autumn day. It was so thick, lush, and dense, it was impossible to see where the thick layers of plant life ended and what lay beneath began. Its scent was verdant and alive as the sunlight played across the surface of each leaf, stem, and frond.


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