Lindis Pass, Waitaki District, Otago – New Zealand

Roads are best known for being middle men, mere connections between the places you’ve been and the places you have yet to go. However, every so often life has a way of introducing you to a road that is very much an adventure in and of itself.

The Waitaki District’s own Lindis Pass in Otago, New Zealand is just such a road and on this particular balmy spring day, I couldn’t help but take notice. The rich, chocolaty velvet of the mountains was warm and exposed instead of covered with snow as they are in the winter. Their flowing curves and graceful lines almost made it seem as if they were lounging, languid and regal underneath the crisp azure of the majestic sky.

The pass itself ambled and twisted its way through the many intricacies of this fantastic place, winding on and on until it met the horizon. It had the grace and beauty of a serpent sunning itself on a perfect day, elevating it well above a simple means to an end – a way to get where you are going. The longer I looked, the more it seemed as if the road had actually become the journey itself.


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