Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island, Queensland – Australia

Hamilton Island is the largest of the inhabited islands in Queensland’s own Whitsunday Islands. That being the case, it strikes a beautiful balance between “island paradise” and “cozy town” complete with all the necessary conveniences. It’s definitely a must-see destination for anyone who ever feels the siren call of the ocean deep in their soul. It’s also a wonderful place to get away from it all. From yachting, to sunbathing, to nature watching, Hamilton Island brings it all to the table. Its pristine beaches and crystalline waters are like healing balm for the soul, guaranteed to cure whatever ails you and to remind you of how positively incredible this beautiful blue planet of ours can truly be.

Tropic of Capricorn was captured on Hamilton Island’s own Catseye Beach. Although it was sunrise on a clear winter’s day, you’d never guess it from the way that beach looked and felt that day. (Ah, the magic of a tropical climate!) The sand was fine, clean, and sweet-smelling, like powdered sugar beneath my feet. The water was the deepest grey-blue, calm and sleepy as it waited for the first rays of sunlight to bring it to life once again.

As the sun rose high in the sky, it warmed the waters and the sandy beach, kissing all it touched with the most beautiful wash of color. Shining lemons, peaches, and violets twinkled across the crests of the gentle morning waves. The most delicate shades of beige and eggshell played across the peaks and valleys of the sand. A group of tall, slender palms leaned ever so slightly outward toward the gentle ocean waves as they lapped at the coastline. Like me, they seemed to be eagerly greeting the day, as excited as I was to begin another beautiful morning on Hamilton Island.


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