Brisbane River, Brisbane, Queensland – Australia

Locations like Brisbane are particularly beautiful when the sun grows golden and honey-like in the autumn. The way it paints the buildings with accents of mellow gold, spicy saffron, and velvety russet makes them look brand new and incredibly alive – different from the way they look under a higher, cooler sun, but just as beautiful.

Urban Melody was taken on a beautifully temperate autumn day near Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge. The way the autumn sunlight danced across the bridge’s graceful lines and highlighted the steadfast majesty of the buildings contrasted perfectly with the gentle stillness of the surrounding water. The way the buildings themselves cast muted, ghostly reflections across the water’s surface was almost musical. Observing this scene really was like listening to a symphony being played – a symphony made up of aquatic melodies and concrete chords. The nearby yachts seemed to be the very thread that successfully bound the tune together.


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