Slope Point, The Catlins, Southland – New Zealand

When many people picture strong wind, they also tend to see it as a destructive force – something that poses a formidable and destructive enemy to not only manmade structures, but trees and natural features as well. However, wind can be one of Mother Nature’s most creative sculptors as well. It has the potential to shape a landscape with precision and skill, giving rise to graceful curves and delicate shapes that could never be created any other way.

These Slope Point trees are located at one of New Zealand’s southernmost points, just a little way from the nearby cliffs and ocean of The Catlins. Naturally, it gets windy there and remains so on a near constant basis. You can see the evidence in the way the powerful winds have shaped this group of trees as they grew and flourished over time, lending them a graceful, dancer-like posture. Interestingly enough, the wind was actually blowing in the opposite direction at this particular moment, creating a whimsical and amusing – if momentary — paradox.


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