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Destin Sparks – Landscape Photographer

Destin Sparks Landscape Photographer & Landscape Photography

Destin Sparks – Panoramic Landscape Photographer

Destin Sparks is an award-winning landscape photographer and social media influencer based in Queensland, Australia.

Sparks’ passion for photography and Mother Nature were uncovered in 2009 when a workplace bet among colleagues saw his hidden photographic talent emerge.

Despite being entirely self-taught, Sparks is an accomplished landscape photographer with over 70 awards and accolades. His photography has caught the attention of national and international media; National Nine News, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Financial Review, News.com.au to name a few.

Best known for his panoramic landscape photography captures on traditional slide film, Sparks relies solely on well executed timing rather than resorting to Photoshop, coloured filters or digital manipulation. His continued dedication to analogue photography inspires many landscape enthusiasts and professionals alike.

A successful photography career now leads Sparks to exotic and beautiful locations around the world, however, “landscape photography isn’t all about dazzling destinations and luxury travel” he says. “It takes gruelling dedication and hard work to capture the best landscape photos.”

One of the keys to the Australian landscape photographer’s success is printing extremely large. “Fine art prints should immerse the viewer and captivate its audience” Sparks writes.

Each of his meticulously captured images exceed the equivalent of 100 Megapixels, resulting in artworks that can be printed many metres in length. Naturally this appeals to the corporate art market who seek to license ultra high resolution images, in addition to domestic collectors. “I’m very humbled to have musicians and television personalities among some of the collectors and admirers of my Limited Edition prints.”

Between travelling Sparks’ also teaches the art of landscape photography via workshops and photo tours. “Through Instagram and social media, I’ve built a loyal audience of aspiring photographers. It brings me great joy sharing knowledge with those who support my landscape photography.”

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Why Landscape Photography

There’s just something about perfectly executed landscape photography that can’t help but speak straight to the soul, but have you ever really stopped to wonder what it is that makes it so captivating? What is it that makes it so much more than just a picture?

It’s a feeling

The experience of actually standing in a beautiful place is unlike anything else in the world, and a good landscape photograph successfully captures what that experience is all about. It’s the bracing feeling of that crisp, clean air in your lungs and that warm, golden sun on your skin. It’s the rush of accomplishment you feel when you finally reach the mountain top or find yourself watching the sunrise from a secluded patch of beach that feels like it was put there just for you. Landscape photography immortalizes this unparalleled freedom at its purest and most potent.

It’s a flavor, a scent, a sound.

A little personal time spent with Mother Nature at her best and most beautiful is a comprehensive treat for the senses. It’s the salty tang of ocean mist on your tongue as you stand with your toes buried in the sand. It’s the impossibly sweet smell of cherry blossoms on the wind on a perfect spring afternoon. It’s the gentle, graceful swish of a lush rainforest dancing in the breeze. A perfect landscape photograph translates all of it into a universal language instinctively understood by the spirit.

It’s a journey.