Tropical North Queensland Photo Tour

“Pack up your camera and go where you’d rather be!”

How about an escape to the Tropical North Queensland “Where rainforests meet the Reef”? Why? Simply because when we’re lost in our daily routine, going through the motions of our everyday lives, we tend to forget what colour is in its truest form. We see green, aqua, tawny, and slate as they appear on furniture, clothing, or wall decorations and think we understand them. Then one weekend we manage to get back to nature once again and we instantly realize we had no idea. Time spent in some of the world’s most beautiful places, such as the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest and the endangered Great Barrier Reef, will give you back the true taste of how life should be seen.

Close your eyes and imagine a visit to your own personal paradise. What do you see? An indescribable beauty of the colour palettes, marvellous greenery, waving palms, white beaches, azure jewel-water and an endless horizon dotted with islands. What do you feel, hear and smell? Perhaps soft, balmy breezes ruffle your hair as the crisp scent of tangy ocean salt fills your lungs, or the duet between the waves and the wind. Or maybe the mossy scent of the surrounding foliage fills your nostrils as a gentle breeze kisses your face with a fine mist.

If what you have in mind resembles a postal card of a holiday in paradise, you just found where you will be in March 2018, in the Tropical North Queensland for an unforgettable Photo Tour.

Don’t just picture it or imagine it, seize the opportunity to capture this extraordinary landscape and bring home memorable souvenirs and the perfect shot, proof that you were lucky enough to witness another of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. Book today.


Tropical North Queensland – Australia

Date TBA – Date TBA

4 Idyllic Days, 3 Spectacular Nights

Full Price $639 USD

Balance Due 60 days from Departure

Deposit: $3195 USD

Initial Deposit Due at time of Booking

Tropical North Queensland Highlights

Millaa Millaa Falls Photo Tour Workshop

Millaa Millaa Falls

Port Douglas Photo Tour Workshop

Port Douglas & Four Mile Beach

Palm Cove Photo Tour Workshop

Palm Cove

Are you ready for a total immersion in paradise? The Tropical North Queensland Photo Tour will take you to one of the most stunning tropical scenery in the World. Travel back in time and have a glimpse of an ancient environment as we’re driving you to the splendid World Heritage-Listed Tropical Rainforest, older than the famous Amazon, the Daintree Rainforest (Mossman Gorge, Kuranda, etc). Reconnect with Mother Nature and appreciate the untouched and wild décor as we’re walking along Cape Tribulation Beach. Hold your breath as we’re completing the Waterfalls circuit in the Atherton Tablelands (Millaa Millaa Falls, Nandroya Falls, etc). Relax, sit back, tip your toes (or more) in the crystalline water as we’re spending the afternoon on one of the most paradisiac tropical venues (Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Gre