New Zealand Photo Tour

“It’s no longer a land of fantasy. It’s just a click away!”

Embark on this ‘once in a lifetime’ journey and prepare for your mind to be blown! New Zealand or Aotearoa, meaning “land of the long white cloud” in indigenous Maori, is one of the country people fancy the most. Not just because of all the movies set there, but also for all its varied, untouched & wild landscapes you think you can only dream of. Well, it’s no longer a dream! High snowy mountains, dramatic coastal cliffs, alpine lakes and peaks, green and lush rainforest, fiords and glaciers, valleys and plains crossed by flowing river & creeks are all part of this timeless dream coming true.

The setting is sublime as we drive beside calm turquoise lakes & through rolling hills and magnificent mountains. We will wander together and venture out to all these stunning places and make sure you bring home with you memorable and unforgettable treasures.

Escape the day to day life, away from everything you know, beyond the comfort & the habits and anything you are used to, away from the crowd, lights and noise, above the stress and the mess.

Escape the worries of the 9 to 5 and reconnect with Mother Nature.


New Zealand – South Island

Date TBA – Date TBA

5 Beautiful Days, 4 Awesome Nights

Full Price $4999 USD

Balance Due 60 days from Departure

Deposit: $999 USD

Initial Deposit Due at time of Booking

New Zealand Highlights

Queenstown Photo Tour Workshop

Queenstown & Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wanaka Photo Tour Workshop

Lake Wanaka & Lone Tree

Milford Sound Photo Tour Workshop

Milford Sound & Fiordland

The New Zealand Photo Tour will take your breath away with its ever-popular Milford Sound & Fiordland National Park, one of many stunning locations to be found at Fiordland National Park. The journey to this particular spot is beautiful and cathartic. Craggy, knowing mountains punctuated the horizon an